Revlon Lip Butter — Red Velvet review & swatch — A red for people scared of red!

Red is a scary lip color for most people — self included.  It can be both beautifully retro and perfectly modern — it’s timeless, classic.

But scary.  I’ve read so many posts about how to find “your” perfect red lipstick and honestly… none of them help me much.  Everything is too blue or too orange or too dark or too bright.  I just want something simple.  But red isn’t a simple color!  It requires dedication!  And lip pencils!  And a lip brush!  And NASA-like precision to apply!

All I want is a nice red lip color that’s a breeze to apply and doesn’t dry out my lips.  Too much to ask?

Not anymore!

Revlon Lip Butter -- Red Velvet

I mean, even the name — Lip Butters.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Like your winter-dry lips would just love it?  And the shade’s name — sounds delicious and pleasant and not scary at all.  A less threatening sort of red, you could say.  The packaging is nice, especially for a drugstore item with a quilted pattern in the plastic case.   And then you open it….


Maybe a little scary?

Swatched lightly above, more heavily below

Hm.  Hmmmm.  Well, now.  Not so scary after all, right?  The color has a slight sheerness that makes it terribly easy to apply and even more wearable.  I can see this kind of red working for daytime with a minimalist eye and then going straight to night with a smokey eye.  The formula is smooth, almost like a balm and doesn’t feel heavy or waxy on the lips at all.  And it’s just sheer enough that you don’t need a lip pencil or a lip brush to get a nice look.  The color itself is a cool-toned red but has just enough berry in it that I think it would work for warmer tones.  Blotted, it gives a fresh just-bitten look.   I find it lasts about 3 hours or so but it’s such a breeze to apply, the short wear time isn’t a big deal.

And it even leaves a bit of a stain behind:

swatched on my inner forearm

After being scrubbed with a wetnap

So if you’re the kind of person who is looking for the perfect, wearable, easy red lipstick I don’t think you can go wrong here.  And if you’re new to reds and want something relatively inexpensive, readily available and no-fuss-required, this may be the red for you.  Great color, great formula from a great, animal-friendly brand?  YES PLEASE, I’LL TAKE THREE!

Even Binky likes it!

9 responses to “Revlon Lip Butter — Red Velvet review & swatch — A red for people scared of red!

  1. Tempting, so tempting! Binky’s recommendation might seal the deal. 😉

  2. Binky seal of approval FTW!

  3. “Readily available” alas, not so much. The only places I have even found Lip Butters did not even have the slot for this color. However, I’ll keep looking, because I love the colors I got – perfect amount of sheerness, not gloopy, just a nice feel on the lip.

    • The good news is these are part of Revlon’s permanent line so I’m sure that once the stores get them and the newness wears off, they’ll be much easier to find! We only got them where I live about 2-3 weeks ago and some colors are always sold out. I can’t wait to try more colors — there are very few that don’t appeal to me (mostly the very pale or milky colors).

  4. Well, if it’s Binky approved it HAS to be good! Actually everything from the stain effect & slight shimmer and the quilted quality of the container, I really want to buy this now.

  5. I only own one red lipstick – Chanel’s Lune Rousse. I saw a swatch on Temptalia a while back and hauled ass to my local Belk to try it on, because it was the first warm, non-stoplight bright red I’d ever seen that I thought might work on me. — it’s still a little strong for my face, but I like it.

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