Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality serum review

About 6 months ago or so, it seemed like so many sites I was reading mentioned adding a serum to one’s skin care regime.  I wasn’t really convinced because I prefer to keep my skin care as simple as possible (I’ll save the complex junk for my hair and eye shadow, thanks!).  But then I read this article on antioxidant serums and something clicked into place!   While I don’t have much sun damage, I do wear sunscreen obsessively and something that could boost my sun protection is definitely a plus.  And if it might help my acne scarring, what a bonus, right?  After a little research, I decided on Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality Serum. I liked that the company is dedicated to using natural, organic products and that it’s a cruelty-free brand.

According to their website… “This concentrated antioxidant facial serum with Vitamin C will energize your complexion with improved circulation, clarity, tone and texture. Scented with the refreshing aroma of organic Sweet Orange essential oil.”

Sounds good, right?  And it’s one of the more reasonably prices serums at $23.95 so it was worth a shot.

Avalong Organics Vitamin C Vitality Serum

When I tried it, the first thing I noticed was the scent — it smells very lightly of fresh orange juice.  It’s not over-powering or strong but smells really clean and refreshing.  I’m often bothered by scents in products but this was light and very pleasant.  (It helps that I love citrus scents!)  One pump gives you plenty for your face and neck and the product goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly.  My skin immediately felt softer and smoother and more nourished.  If you have normal-to-oily skin, this could probably work well as a moisturizer for you.  However, my skin is very dry so I add my usual moisturizer over the top.  My only qualm about the product is that you need to make sure you let it sink in well before applying makeup over the top as it will have a tendency to ball up if you don’t.

Looks a bit like my cat Binky blew a snot rocket on my hand. Don't let that deter you!

After a few weeks of using this 1-2x daily (depending on whether I’d remember to apply it twice), I noticed a very strange thing.  I wasn’t taking the time to apply concealer to my acne scars.  Usually I’m fairly diligent about it, but often I’d skip that step completely.  Why?  Well, because my acne scars were simply not as dark and noticeable.  In fact, my usual fairly sheer foundation was covering them well enough that I felt I didn’t NEED to add more coverage.  Amazing.  These are cystic acne scars that remain reddish-purple for months and often never fade very much… and yet, very old scars were fading.  I was amazed.   I really didn’t expect this stuff to really DO anything other than make my skin feel nice.  It didn’t happen overnight and the improvement was subtle but it was definitely there.

I’m still not 100% sold on whether we all need to add an antioxidant serum to our routines, but if you’re looking for one to try, this might work well for you.  Avalon Organics is available at many drugstores in the USA as well as drugstore.com and amazon.com.

8 responses to “Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality serum review

  1. I have oily skin, but right now it’s dried out in spots because the tea tree oil cleansing pads I’ve been using have alcohol in them, Do you think this would be OK for my skin? I’m in desperate need of a moisturizer that will moisturize my face without adding more oil.

    • I think it likely wouldn’t be too much for your skin as it’s not oily at all. Tea Tree oil is very drying by itself so that with the alcohol is probably the issue. But this serum, I’ve found is really moisturizing w/o being at all oily/greasy. You might look at some local drugstores and see if they have it (I think their website has a search feature to look for stores).

  2. I have always wondered about this brand. Wonder if it would help with my pore size.

  3. I’m on my fourth bottle and love it. I use it every morning since I use a AHA product at night and the two kind of cancel each other out if you use them together.
    It’s not at all oily, and the company says that the original potency of C is guaranteed for the whole bottle. C is unstable and starts to deteriorate when it hits air, so this is an important consideration when buying a C product. This, plus all the things you mentioned about the company and the price are also why I chose this serum.

    • Thanks so much for all that info! I have to say I’ve had so much success with the serum that it makes me want to try other items from this line! Next time I’m at the drugstore that sells their items (only one in my area, sadly) I am going to see what else is available, especially from the Vit C and Lavender lines.

  4. I have used Avalon products for about 16+ months now. I oove the serum. I have “normal” skin and minimal acne issues now that I have switched daily regimines. I love Avalon. Asbyou shared your scars have minimized, so have some of my larger creases. Not wrinkles (crows fert, etc) but creases, as I am loaded with sun damage at 42. This serum also has eased the fact that as a young adult I did NOT moisturize my chest!!! I used the Vit C moisture lotion in the ,orn and evening as well and notice a fresher look on my skin.

  5. I agree with you! The prices for this product when you purchase over the counter at drugstores is like 3x the price. I bought it from iherb.com. Im a lazy person, basically i just wash my face with paraben and sls free soap and thats it. When i added this serum to my list ontop of toner, i notice that my jawline acne starts to fade. Works well and it absorb right into your skin isnt it?

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