Rouge not Rogue! Review and Swatches for NYX Mocha and Peach

Even though I’ve been using makeup since I was a teen (or pre-teen maybe — but that’s another tale for another post!), there is one common makeup item that I am very new to:  blush!  You see, when I was a teen I had a more witchy-gothy look going on and a death-like pallor was exactly what I was cultivating! (And of course spending my formative years avoiding the sun like Nosferatu and using the highest SPF sunblock I could find certainly had long-lasting benefits to my complexion now!)  As I moved into my 20’s, I started to really see the effects of Rosacea in my complexion and the last thing I wanted to do was add any more color to my face.  However, now that I’ve gotten the Rosacea mostly under control, I’ve wanted to explore this mysterious thing called rouge. (Though I can’t use the word “rouge” without wanted to correct myself by saying, “you mean ROGUE, damn it!” Sorry, it’s my World of Warcraft pet peeve!)

With that firmly in mind, when I recently placed an order with, I decided to try a few NYX blushes.  I admit that NYX is quite mysterious for me as well since none of the stores around here carry it.  I first became aware of the brand on RuPaul’s Drag Race where it was prominently featured.  I immediately thought, “Well if it’s good enough for drag queens, it’s good enough for me!”  So without bothering to do much research into the colors, I ordered Peach and Mocha — two colors that sounded pretty far out of my makeup comfort zone as all my precious few blushes (seriously, all two of them) were in the cool-toned pink range.  But if you can’t step outside of the box a little with makeup, when can you?

NYX Peach (L) and Mocha (R)

While both colors looked lovely even before I opened them, I have to say that neither name was very suiting to either of them.  “Peach” was nowhere near peachy and more of a slightly warm-toned pink.  And “Mocha” was a warm pale brick color.  Despite the misnomers, the colors looked like they might work for me.

NYX Powder Blush in Mocha (L) and Peach (R)

NYX Powder Blush in Mocha (left) and Peach (right)

Here they are swatched heavily on my arm under a daylight lamp. Both colors were nicely pigmented and the lighter shade, Peach was not chalky at all.  Both of these swatches were made using two swipes of product.   When I tried wearing them, I found they lasted easily 8 hours at the least and even after 12 hrs there was still a hint of color to my cheeks.  They were easy to apply and not too powdery and blended easily.   Peach looked more pink on my face without much of a warm undertone at all.  Mocha is warmer and while darker, was very wearable even on my fair complexion.

In fact, I have zero complaints about these products at all.  Affordable (on their website for $6.00 and on for less than $4.00.), quality products — especially when considering the price!  But I do there there is one area where the price may reflect in the finished product — and that, my friends, is the packaging.  While there was an easily-removed cellophane wrapped on each blush, underneath that was a… sticker.  Yes, a sticker.  Blast the bloody things!!  Try as I might I could not remove the sticky residue from the packaging!  Within minutes, there was cat hair sprouting from the sides like some sort of Dr. Moreau-like experiment!  I could have used a sticky-residue-remover but I worried it might get into everything and contaminate the blush itself.  Those residue removers are so oily and annoying to use, aren’t they?


While I am not really one for de-potting my cosmetics, I will say I am sorely tempted to do so with these, if only to avoid the inevitable dust-bunny-cat-hair-lint that will be covering the side of these blushes!   Aside from that horrifically annoying packaging issue, I would still definitely recommend these blushes!  Especially if you’re looking to branch out and try something new — the price point is well worth taking into consideration!

All that aside, I wanted to also mention that in my future reviews and swatches I’ll be doing full-face pictures in addition to arm swatches!  My hesitation for doing so has mainly been that it’s very hard to get good light in my house — my current swatches are done with several lamps and daylight bulbs.  Being as pale as I am, it’s hard to get a good color-accurate picture of myself without looking ghoulish.  However, with the time change coming up, I’ll have more daylight hours to utilize!  This will certainly come in handy with my upcoming foundation and concealer reviews as well as “Face of the Day.”  So, ya know — I’ve warned ya!

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