Vapour Organic Beauty: I am totally on a winning streak

Here’s the thing, people:  I never win stuff.  Ever.  No, really.  And yet this year already I’ve won two give-aways!  The first was a DVD of spooky flick The Orphanage.  The second and the one relevant to our interests here was something by Vapour Organic Beauty.  I think the key element for my good luck is to NOT realize I am entered in these contests.  Because I had no idea until a lovely friend told me on Facebook.  /facepalm

But, how exciting!  I’ve been using Vapour’s foundation for about a year but hadn’t had a chance to try many of their other products.  Their foundation is my Holy Grail Foundation.  Seriously.  I don’t know why I even bother to look at others because I can’t imagine one working better for me than theirs does.

Vapour Organic Beauty (henceforth known as VOB because I am lazy and don’t feel like typing all that every time) is a pretty cool company.  If you’re interested in eco-friendly beauty, this company is for you.   According to their website, they are:

70% Certified Organic Ingredients and 30% Minerals & Vitamins
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
Chemical Free
Cruelty Free
No Nano Particles
No Irradiation
Chemical Free
Made with Wind Power
Biodegradable Ingredients
Inner &  Outer Packaging Recyclable

For someone with sensitive skin or just worried about the weird chemicals found in many makeup lines, this is excellent news.   Pretty neat, right?  It’s also worth noting that Eric Sakas, former President of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is one of the company’s co-founders. (Shameless name-dropping — I kinda sorta met him once, at one of Kevyn’s book signings!)

So yeah, the company is great but what about the products?  Well, let us see!

Here’s what I received in the mail about a week after winning the contest:

3 Full sized products and 4 samples! Plus cards describing the line of products.

The first thing I’ll review is Stratus Instant Skin Perfector in 902.  The product claims are: “Vapour’s most revolutionary offering: a 3–in–1 moisturizer, primer, and no-color foundation. Give your skin the Vapour glow with Stratus. Vapour’s Light Reflective Technology immediately perfects the appearance of your skin— you instantly appear younger and refreshed. Use Stratus Instant Skin Perfector alone or under either Atmosphere Foundation formula for a flawless finish.”

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector shade 902

Status comes in 3 shades — the 902 is for fair skin and is supposed to balance out pink or red tones and rosacea.  Since I actually have rosacea, this sounded pretty good to me.  And since my skin is really dry with a tendency to look dull, I thought it would be a really interesting product to try.

It is REALLY hard to capture this stuff’s effects on the skin in photos.  But I’ve tried!

The thing about this stuff is… it’s like magic.  No, really.  It makes the shiny areas of my face look less shiny and the dry/dull parts of my face look luminous. HOW DOES IT KNOW??? Once rubbed into the skin, there is no shine at all but it makes the skin look soft, almost-dewy and just… well, better.  It’s also moisturizing without leaving any oiliness on the skin.   And the best part — if I use this under my eyes, my makeup and concealer does not crease or budge.  At all.  It helped my makeup glide on more evenly and blend in better/easier.

I will point out that Stratus has ZERO glitter or shimmer.  It’s not matte.  It’s not shiny.  It’s just magic.  And it did seem to help tone does the redness I have from rosacea.  MAGIC!  If you try nothing else from this brand, definitely try this!

Next up — Aura Multi-Use Blush Stain in Impulse

Aura Multi Use Blush Stain Impulse

Yowza, am I right?  Don’t be scared though because look, it’s actually rather sheer:

Aura Multi Use Blush Stain Impulse swatched heavily above, lightly below

Aura Multi Use Blush Stain in Impulse is a gorgeous blue-red color.  On the cheeks it gives a really natural healthy “in from the cold” glow.  But you can also use it as a lip color!  I find that on my dry skin, this lasts 6-9 hours without much fading at all.  While on the lips it also lasts a few hours.  As a lip color, it’s a bit dry (not drying but dry in texture) and can easily be applied heavily for a deep red color or blotted for a softer stain.  Impulse has no glitter or shimmer or sheen to it but again, isn’t quite matte.  I think it has a finish that is between matte and satin while being neither.  Confusing!  But pretty!

And now for Siren Lipstick in Ravish!

Siren Lipstick in Ravish

Siren Lipstick in Ravish

Siren Lipstick in Ravish

As you can see, this color is very similar to the blush in “Impulse.”   The difference is in the texture.  This lipstick is the most non-drying lipstick I’ve used.  It has a balmy texture that is easy to wear.  And because it’s sheer, it’s really easy to just swipe on — a very wearable red.  It’s hard to get a really deep color even if worn heavily but that suited me very well.  My lips felt moisturized and soft the entire time I was wearing it.   The finish is slightly glossy but not overly so — not so much that it feels slippery or that it’s going to slide around on the lips.  I got about 3 hours of wear and when it faded it did so evenly and left a soft stain.

Now to the samples!

shade 100 on the left, 110 on the right

The glosses were absolutely lovely.  I did find though that they had a tendency to settle into the little lines on my lips and the plumping gloss didn’t really plump.  But they had a nice slip and texture that wasn’t sticky at all (I hate sticky glosses).  I got a few hours of wear out of them both and found they wore off evenly, without leaving a creepy lip-ring.  These glosses did have a light citrus/orange scent that faded after a few minutes.  The scent wasn’t strong enough to put me off them, though and I am generally sensitive to scents!

The foundation?  Well, shade 100 is as close to a perfect match for me as I can imagine.  The foundation is soft and creamy and once blended in, looks like SKIN rather than like makeup.  It gives a sheer-to-medium coverage that lasts for 8+ hours on my dry skin, even in the summer.  I’ve been using this foundation for about a year and it just works perfectly for me.  For oily skin, VOB recommends “Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation” rather than the Luminous.  Another thing I like about this foundation is that there’s also NO GLITTER.  No shimmer.  No glittery particles at all.  And like the blush and like Stratus, it’s not quite matte, not quite dewy — just gives a soft, natural finish.

Now for some fun!  I’ve been asked to do lip swatches on my actual lips.  Instead of my hand.  You know.  Thankfully Daylight Savings Time started and I have more hours of lovely sunlight to take pictures in!  So here we go, ok?

Elixir plumping Gloss in Bitten

Elixir Sheer Gloss in Hypnotic

Siren Lipstick in Ravish (the unevenness is an indication of my lack of a mirror, not of the product, oopsies!)

Aura Multi Use Blush in Impulse (again with my bad application?)

Using: Stratus in 902, Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 100, Multi Use Blush Stain in Impulse and Siren Lipstick in Ravish

Same as above except using Aura Multi Use Blush Stain in Impulse on the lips

So there we have it.  My biggie review of Vapour Organic Beauty!  As for recommendations — I think if you want to try anything from this line, the Stratus is THE thing to try.  And if you have difficult skin like me (being dry, pale and sensitive), the Luminous Foundation may be just the thing.  I myself will continue to use Stratus and the Foundation as well as the lovely Multi-use Blush (seriously, multi-tasking products are my favorite thing, especially to take on vacation, trips etc!) and I will definitely be using up that lovely lipstick.  The only “misses” for me were the lipglosses, mostly because I found the texture hard to work with.  But I was applying them with a Q-tip so that may have something to do with it, heh.

Vapour Organic Beauty is a luxury brand so it may be out of many people’s price rage.  However, I do think that the products are great and worth the investment, especially for innovative products like Stratus.  For me, it has been worth the money to find a foundation that matches my skin exactly AND works well for me.  After all, it’s better to buy one thing that works than a dozen that end up in the trash!  I’ll also point out that they have a great samples program so you can try out things before you invest the serious money.

And now for the ~*~disclaimer~*~  — I received all the items in this review as a prize from Vapour Organic Beauty’s contest on their Facebook Page.  The fact that I received them for free has no effect on my opinion of the products.

13 responses to “Vapour Organic Beauty: I am totally on a winning streak

  1. I was just looking at their site and decided I wanted to try their cream blush so your post is perfect timing.

  2. Nice win!! I’ve tried this stuff before and it is really awesome! I should get some more haha!

  3. Thanks Daena! Love seeing some of the colors on you as the online swatches aren’t fabulous. You make me want to buy more lipstick!! I have three and they really are great.

  4. Daena, the colors are just beautiful! I need to order samples of the Stratus and foundation. I’ve used minerals for years, cause they don’t break me out, but as I get older, I think they make my skin look too dry and dull. Going over to the Vapour site now! Thanks for the great review!

    • Andrea — I’m very much the same. I used minerals for years but my skin is so dry now, it really became a hassle. I do sometimes use a very light dusting of minerals as a powder over my Vapour foundation if I want a heavier and more matte look. Thanks for reading! 😀

      • Hey, I just ordered the sample kit! Got the Stratus, and the foundations in 115, 120 and 125, so hopefully one of them will match. I also ordered a sample of the gloss in Vivid. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

      • Yay! Let me know what you think of them!

      • So, I received my samples and have been using them for the past 3 days now. I really like the way the Stratus and the foundation make my skin feel, and so far, no breakouts, but in all fairness, it usually takes about a week for me to break out from a product. The foundation in 115, is a great match, but I don’t think it gives me enough coverage. My skin is very splotchy, and I have a lot of old red acne scars and those little spider veins to cover. On the other hand, anything that would cover well would also look like a mask. The lipgloss in Vivid is a beautiful red with silvery sparkles in it. I really love the color, but it doesn’t last very long. Still, it is something I might consider ordering in the future.

        I am considering ordering the Stratus, and am still on the fence about the foundation. It is very hard to find one that matches well, so I may order it despite the sheerer coverage.

        Thanks for your great review of these products!

      • So glad you’re enjoying the Stratus! For me, it’s their standout product. The foundation is sheer but I find it works for my needs as I prefer using concealer for more coverage. Anything too full coverage would be mask-like, as you said! 😀

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