Face of the Day – 25 March 2012 – Girl on Fire

For my first Face of the Day, I wanted to do something really colorful and special and since I’m a rabid “Hunger Games” fan, I thought that the look I wore to see the movie would be perfect!  My eye makeup was inspired by Katniss’s “Girl on Fire” nickname.  The rest of the face was pretty neutral (for me) as I wanted the eyes to take focus.  I also have a new hair color — Atomic Turquoise by Manic Panic!

I did my eyes first:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer

Benefit Creaseless Cream in r.s.v.p

Fyrinnae Peroxide (yellow) on inner 1/3 of the eye and under the eye

Fyrinnae Electro-koi (orange) on the middle third of the eye and under the eye in the center

Wet N Wild Coloricon trio in Spoiled Brat (pink shade only) in outer crease

Fyrinnae Bite Me in outer crease

Fyrinnae Volcanic Ash to conture outter crease and under the eye

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on inner rim of the lower lid

Wet N Wild MegaPlump Waterproof Mascara

e.l.f Essentials Liquid Eyeliner in Black


Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Instant Skin Perfector in 902

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 100

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

I also had a Hunger Games manicure!

China Glaze in “Riveting” from the Capital Colors collection, with Luxe and Lush applied on the ring finger only, over Riveting.

Have you seen the movie? Read the book/s?  What did YOU think?  I LOVED IT!  I was really worried that they’d turn into something wretchedly teen-romancey but it was wonderful and true to the books.  A huge load of dystopic sci-fi fun!

8 responses to “Face of the Day – 25 March 2012 – Girl on Fire

  1. Love your look! Great job on your eyes. That’s an amazing combo that really makes your blue eyes pop. Also, you seem to look good in absolutely any hair color. I just bought Riveting and I have several of the other colors, but I didn’t get Luxe and Lush. Seeing it on your nails, I think I *need* it.
    Haven’t seen Hunger Games yet, I’m waiting for the crowds to die down a bit.

    • Thank you! I don’t wear those colors too often even though I know they go very well with blue eyes! Maybe I should wear them more often though!

      I don’t have many flakie polishes but Luxe and Lush is beautiful. I wore it over a muted periwinkle color (China Glaze’s Secret Peri-wink-le) and it was gorgeous. Riveting brought out the glints of gold whereas the periwinkle toned down the gold and make it glint silvery and rose-gold.

  2. You are wild and crazy girl. I love it. I wish I was so uninhibited when I was your age.

  3. Lovely, bright, and bold! I envy your blending skills!

  4. I thought your shadows were Sugarpill for sure. Fyrinnae colors are amazing! I love the look. Your manicure is similar to mine, too. I have Riveting on with the multi-colored glitter on top. 😀

    I also have to ask you about your hair. You need to bleach it before dying it another color, right? So how do you keep it so glossy-looking? I got my hair cut even shorter to a layered bob, and it still looks like a bird’s nest despite deep conditioning it until I’m blue in the face. What’s your secret?!

    • I *really* want to try some Sugarpill eyeshadows because they look amazing and get rave reviews!

      My hair is naturally dark blonde and I bleach it to nearly-white to make the bright colors show up. I only regularly bleach my roots, but will use color removers or a soapcap when I want to drastically change colors. To keep my hair really healthy what I do is:
      – only shampoo 2x a month (conditioner-wash otherwise)
      – blowdry on a cool setting
      – rarely if ever use heat styling
      – few if any styling products (esp. those with alcohol)
      – keep my hair quite short so split ends/damage is cut off

      I’ve really been blessed with resilient hair. it IS damaged but just doesn’t show it. I’m really careful with it, too. Last month when I wanted to go from red to turquoise… I had to realize I just couldn’t do that w/o frying my hair. So I did purple instead so I could move more easily around the color wheel. 🙂

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