Happy Friday the 13th!

I am working on a few really long posts that should be done v. soon but until then — I thought it would be fun to have a spooky little diversion!


I got married on Halloween of 2010 and this was my wedding makeup:


The white was cheapie Halloween pancake makeup but the rest was done with loose eyeshadows (mostly by Fyrinnae) that were mixed with water so I could paint them on.  The reddish-purple scrolls really stained my skin — I had red scrolls on my face for 2 days! While I love how this came out, if I did this again, I would change a few things and try to make it even more detailed.  This makeup took about 40 minutes from start to finish.


I really wish I had the opportunity to do such fun, creative and outlandish makeup more often!


Have you ever done a spooky or fantasy makeup, for Halloween, costume party etc?  How’d it turn out?

4 responses to “Happy Friday the 13th!

  1. I remember you telling about it but seeing your look in person is amazing. You are extremely creative and very brave!

  2. I was a zombie one year. Used white & green Halloween cake make up, that I mixed together and black pencil liner to make my eyes & cheeks look hollow and to give the illusion that my mouth had rotted away, so you saw teeth. It looked really great, and didn’t take too long (20 mins?). But, if I did this again, I would paint my nails black (instead of using black eye liner on them – it gave a perfect rotted look because it wasn’t shiny, but kept coming off). The eye liner also wanted to smudge a lot on my face.

    • The fun thing about zombie makeup is if you mess it up (or it smudges during the night) it just looks better and more gruesome! 😀 With my Hallowedding look above I put a matte grey nail polish on — it looked really unusual and cool!

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