Sephora LashStash Part 3 — Urban Decay Supercurl mascara review mega-rant!

I’ve been a big fan of Urban Decay for years but in all that time, I haven’t tried any of their mascaras!  Thanks to my LashStash Favorites, I got to try their Supercurl Mascara.  Here are Urban Decay’s claims for this mascara:

What it is:
A sculpting, curling, long-wearing mascara.

What it does:
In addition to holding curl all day, this mascara boasts incredible conditioning ingredients in its formula. Packed with glycoprotein for lash thickening, Moringa seeds to help with curl definition, and Meadowfoam seed oil and Shea Butter for moisturizing and smoothing, lashes get an extra nourishing boost with just one swipe.


Urban Decay Supercurl

I’m generally not a HUGE fan of curved mascara wands but I did like that this mascara had a plastic bristle wand — those seem to work really well for my lashes!  I also liked that this mascara was very inky-black and that the mascara wand wasn’t goopy with mascara, which would help prevent clumps.


Floating Eyeball Time!

Lashes curled, no mascara

Urban Decay Supercurl mascara


Not bad, right?  WELL!  While it didn’t curl my lashes, it gave nice volume and length and didn’t make the curl droop out too badly… BUT — and this is a big but — this mascara did not dry.  Ever.  Even hours later, every time I blinked, my lashes would stick together.  I’d end up twitching and winking to get them unstuck.  I kept this mascara on for about 5 hours and in that time I didn’t have any real issues with flakes or smudging — however, even at 5 hours, it still felt tacky and sticky.  I ended up having to remove it after those 5 hours as I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I kept winking and rubbing my eyes which really irritated them, even though the mascara itself was not irritating.

I was worried that maybe it was the humidity or another makeup product I was using that was causing this weird non-drying issue so I tried this mascara on several different occasions — all with the same result.  Mind-boggling!

Another odd thing is that when I went to remove it — it was a STONE BUGGER to take off.  I’ve had waterproof mascaras that were easier to remove!  Most mascaras will come off with my usual cold cream (yes, even waterproof!) but for this, I had to follow it up with Clinique Take the Day off Makeup Remover.

If this mascara had adequately dried, I think I would have liked it!  It did give my lashes some volume and length and didn’t knock out the curl totally (though they did droop a little, especially the outer corners).  It didn’t clump or flake or smudge.  But it just never dried!  I’m not sure if I got a bad tube of it or what but I can’t believe any company would put out a mascara like this!

Really disappointing and annoying!   Have you ever had a mascara just NEVER dry??

2 responses to “Sephora LashStash Part 3 — Urban Decay Supercurl mascara review mega-rant!

  1. Wow! No never had that happen! So weird!! I’ve never tried their mascaras and now, I never will lol!

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