Manic Panic: Atomic Turquoise review and pictures

I love Manic Panic.  I mean, I don’t just love their hair dye but I LOVE MANIC PANIC you guys.  I love that they’ve been around since 1977.  I love that they were a big part of the punk scene in NYC. I love that Cyndi Lauper uses Manic Panic.  I love that all of their products are vegan and not tested on animals.

But I love their hair dyes, too.

Even though I’ve dyed my hair every color in the rainbow, I have seldom had turquoise hair.  The last time I tried it, I used Special Effects Fishbowl and while it was gorgeous, it faded to a swampy green shade within 2 washes.  Bogus. (Having a Bill & Ted moment, forgive me.)  But after really being inspired by seeing turquoise hair online (notably on Phyrra) I decided it was time to take the plunge and try Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise.

Since my hair was purple (specifically Manic Panic Ultra Violet) I put a soapcap on my hair — which is the typical bleach/developer blend with some shampoo added to dilute it without decreasing efficiency.  Thankfully most of the purple lifted right out (except for a few spots where I totally missed putting the soapcap — d’oh!).  Not only did it lift, but it turned a crazy turquoise color!  It was fate!

I put on the Atomic Turquoise and left it on about 4 hours.  One great thing about Manic Panic dyes is that they’re in a conditioning base, which makes my hair feel really soft and shiny the longer I leave it on.  Since these dyes are basically just stains, they don’t do any damage to the hair and you can leave them on as long as you feel like it. (Seriously, they do zero damage to hair — it’s the bleaching/color removing/soapcapping that damages the hair!)

This is how it looked the first night:

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise

It came out great! It was super vibrant and a beautiful color!

I was really worried it would fade pretty fast but to my surprise and delight, it’s held up really really well.  Not a lot of color washed out over the month I’ve had it — and though it has faded (as every dye does, that’s just the nature of the beast), it’s faded to a really pretty aqua color:

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise
after 1 month and many washes

You can see where it’s faded and how the color has changed but even so, it’s still a vibrant, pretty color and isn’t swampy or dingy.  In fact, I’d keep it like this except my roots are starting to show (blonde roots = looking like my hair is thinning, ugh!).

I’m super happy that I tried this color at long last and will definitely keep this shade for a while.  It is really versatile and would look great with other shades mixed in — how about this color and HOT PINK? Oh, the possibilities….!

Manic Panic can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and many other retailers.  They are a cruelty free, vegan company.

6 responses to “Manic Panic: Atomic Turquoise review and pictures

  1. Both colors are so pretty and they look great on you.

  2. LOVELY!! I like them both on you a lot! My daughter uses Special Effects Hair dyes. FOr the longest time she was a bright pink one, but now she’ll use Hot Lava-a really great bright red.
    I wish I had the guts to do this! If these dyes were around in the 80s I would have done them in a heartbeat!

  3. hmm ive been planning on dyeing my hair this color and i was wondering if when you bleached your hair if you had it platinum or if it was a yellowish blonde


  4. I love your hair! Also can you tell me how I could get the color you have after 1 I know that’s weird but I really want a pastel turquoise color ive heard conditioner could dilute it but I’m pretty nervous, first time dyer here. Thanks!

  5. Awesome post. Curious about timing, have you ever tried the “30 min” it says on the jar? If so, was it a sweet pastel or just blah?

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