And this is why I’m a brightly colored person

I think I was 8 when Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual album came out.  I remember being at a friend’s house when the video for “Time After Time” came on.  I was instantly enthralled.  Who was this woman? LOOK AT HER HAIR!  People can have hair like that? Are you kidding me?  My little mind was blown.  I suddenly wanted to grow up to be Cyndi Lauper, or at least have hair as cool as hers was!

And so began my love of unnaturally colored hair.  This love was even more firmly set when I was about 12 and browsing through a book on the history of fashion.  In the section on 1970’s punk there was a picture of a couple — the woman had waist-length blue dreadlocks, blue-painted eyebrows and neon yellow eyeshadow.  In other words, probably the most amazing and beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I think there was a man in the picture but who CARES what he was wearing, right? No way he was as super cool as Blue Dreadlock Woman.  I really wish I could find a copy of that book and see if the actual picture lives up to my memory of it!  But sadly, I don’t remember the name of it!

I started dying my hair unnatural colors in my freshman year of high school. And I haven’t stopped.  I’ve had brief periods where I’ve either not dyed my hair, or just used natural colors, but for the most part it’s unnatural colors.  I find my favorites are blue and pink and I also find I tend to dye my hair according to the seasons.  Blue for winter.  Magenta for spring (like azaleas!). Hot pink and neon orange for summer.  Maybe purple for fall.  Though this year I have broken the mold and used turquoise for spring.  I like to think outside of the box, what can I say?

For the most part, I use Manic Panic hair dye.  Not just because I love their dyes but also because I love the company itself and everything they stand for.  While I’ve used dyed from other brands, I always come back to Manic Panic.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I like to dye my hair crazy colors.  Most people assume I do it for attention.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, I am a deeply introverted person and I really hate attention, even when it’s positive!  I’ve even thought about buying a normal-colored wig in my usual hairstyle to wear out in public for those times when I just don’t feel up to dealing with people’s comments.  Most of the comments I get are nice and that’s fine… but I’ve also had people come up and yank on my hair to see if it’s a wig, make mean comments, follow me around in stores like I’m going to shoplift something etc etc.  But I do feel very strongly about remaining uniquely myself, even when it’s not comfortable.  I feel it’s important to be myself and to be true to myself.  And the truth is, I’m a brightly colored person.

But you really came here to see pictures, didn’t you?  Well, come with me on a journey through time and space…(if you get that reference, I ❤ you),

Warning: I make goofy faces. Seriously, you cannot even know how hard it is to keep a straight face when I take a picture. Next to impossible!

The last few are the most recent, and my hair is currently turquoise.  So, what do you think?  What colors do you think look best?

Have you ever had unnaturally colored hair? What was your experience?  If not, is it something you’d want to try? Are there reasons you can’t even if you want to?

I know a lot of people think crazy colors are the domain of the young. Bullshit, I say. I think it’s awesome at every age and one’s age should never be a limit to one’s self-expression. I think it may be even easier as one gets older — if you’re 60 and have neon pink hair, who’s gonna nay-say you?  The only limit is your imagination!

22 responses to “And this is why I’m a brightly colored person

  1. All are so much fun but I love the pink/orange & the blue under the pink!
    Have you ever had unnaturally colored hair? Yes, I have had green, orange, purplish red, blue black. What was your experience? I never had many negative comments that I can remember. Most people might stay something like: “Oh, that’s an interesting choice of color.” To me, that means that they would never choose it & that’s good for me because then it’s more indvidual. 🙂 I did have an old lady ask me if the green hair was due to a salon error & for a laugh, I told her yes. Oh, the horror!
    Are there reasons you can’t even if you want to? I’d love to be able to do something more drastic than the small hints of bold color that I do now but unfortunately, an office/desk job limits my range of creativity. So, I live vicariously through you. 😀 As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. You are just too cute! I LOVE those colours so much. I wish I could pull it off but I have a skin thing that would never let me. I would be in such pain. I stick to over the counter reds and try to be happy with it, though it is really boring.
    I agree about the age thing. One should never give up good hair.

  3. I love them all but my favourites are the mixture of purple, violet & green (9th picture) and blue+violet (3rd picture) and pink+blue (15th picture). I seem to like multicoloured. 🙂

  4. You are inspiring! I will do it! I think I wanna either do platinum or strawberry blonde though-I just have so much grey an lighter shades like that make it easier to go between colorings.
    I know what you mean-people can be idiots. My daughter gets treated differently as well because of her really red hair and the way she dresses, which is like an a rock star with studs and boots and lots of black. And she was an HONOURS student her whole high school life.

    • You are too kind. 😀 and I think you should GO FOR IT!

      It’s a shame so many people are so judgmental about what is really a superficial thing. In school I was an honors student and as an adult I am pretty normal and responsible but all people look at is the hair and tattoos and think I’m a hoodlum. lol

  5. I know I say this all the time, but I seriously think you are quite possibly the most adorable person I know. You remind me of a cross between Bettie Boop, Clara Bow and a Pixie all wrapped up in a funky little punk rock package. 😀 I have a hard time picking what hair I like best because I think they all suite you really well. You have a lovely porcelain and neutral skin tone that no colors really seem to clash with. I love them all. But if I had to pick a top five, it would be these (in no particular order except for MAYBE #1).

    1. The 7th picture down, the one titled hair_multi2 is my favorite hair. I. Love. That. Hair. It looks like so much work, but the end result is just fantastic.

    2. The 3rd picture down, the purple/blueish one I love a whole lot.

    3. The 9th picture down, (hair_multi1) I’m also a big fan of.

    4. I’m torn beetween the pink/blonde and the pink/black for a number four choice. I think they both look awesome, it’s just a different effect. One is more subtle and one is very in your face. It honestly depends on my mood which one I’d be more drawn to.

    5. The one titled hair_bluepink is amazing hair AND probably the most gorgeous picture of you I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying something). I absolutely love, love, LOVE that photo of you.

    I’ve always wanted funky colored hair. I haven’t eve done it because I’ve heard too many horror stories about how it really destroys your hair when you bleach it and I can’t get a decent color like I want without bleaching it first because my hair is pretty dark. I admit too that lately I’ve been wondering if I’m too old for something like that. But you’re right, who gives a fuck, certainly not I. The main reason I haven’t done it is the expense and the possible damage to my own hair which is easily one of my best features. A lot of women pay good money to get a hair color like mine and I feel like I should just be happy with it. Plus I do really enjoy being a brunette. But I really do want a couple of blue streaks in my hair at the very least. But I can’t afford to have it done professionally and I don’t trust myself to do it on my own. I wish you lived closer! 😀

    • Also you’ve reminded me I need to find a way to watch The Mighty Boosh. 😉

    • Ok, comment magic has occurred, here we go! First off, thank you! I wish I saw myself the way you guys so kindly see me. I tend to think I’m pretty mundane and boring physically, maybe that is why I over-compensate with my hair. 😉

      Oh yeah, the multi-colored hair is very much a pain to maintain. I usually only keep that for a month — or until it’s time to re-do it. Since I do all my hair stuff myself, I have to do what’s easiest. But I do love multi-colors b/c having it all one color seems flat and 1D to me.

      I’m very lucky in that my hair is great for bleaching. Naturally dark blonde, I can bleach it to white very easily and it’s very resilient. I think if I had dark hair, I’d be more likely to experiment with hair cuts rather than dyes.

      Ya know, you should totally get some blue extensions popped in. All the fun of hair color, with none of the damage!

  6. I love the one where you are holding the camera. I love cool tones like that and you carry them off so well.

  7. I love looking at timelines! Do you think you were born for unnatural colors? I couldn’t imagine going back to natural. It wouldn’t be ~me~ Bright colors are the best haha I LOVEEE the turquoise and purples!

  8. When I first ‘met’ you here on LJ, you had the blue hair… and I’ve always loved that look on you – but you have an adorable face and really look great with any of the colors I’ve seen on you.

    And as for ‘crazy colors being a domain of the young’ I’ll 2nd ur ‘bullshit’! I’m less than a year away from 50 and have hair down to my hips (also considered a domain of the young by some old biddies I work with) I’d color it blue in a heart beat because I look fantastic in blue…unfortunately I have thin/fine/delicate hair that wouldn’t survive attempts at coloring. So I’m patiently waiting for my sparkly-silver hair to come in… an hopefully it will be to the backs of my knees by then 😀

    • I have to admire anyone who can deal with such long hair, Geri. I had long hair at once point (almost waist-length) and I couldn’t take the upkeep! I love long hair on other people! And one reason I do keep mine short is because it’s easier to dye.

  9. I always loved the fact that Mrs. Slocombe from Are You Being Served? had different coloured hair every epidosde! And being an older woman made it that much more awesome.

    I think you are probably a faerie or nymph or something. Every time I see pictures of you I think this. Not that all people with coloured hair are, or that people who don’t colour hair aren’t. But I always get the feeling you are a whimsical creature of some sorts. I think I’m probably a gnome. I’ve always shouted that I’m the grandma and want any and all shades of grey more than any colour, which surprisingly NO ONE can give me. :/ I’ve had other coloured hair, but I’m IN LOVE with greys, which I suppose I’ll have to wait for nature to do.

    I think your ‘goofy’ faces are awesome and adorable and I love that there are cats in the pictures with you.

    • It’s funny that artificially grey hair is “in” now, isn’t it? It’s a hard color to achieve and have it look nice. Naturally silvery hair is so pretty, I think.

      I’d like to think of myself as whimsical and spritely! You are so sweet for saying so. ❤

  10. I know I left a long comment on this blog, what happened to it? 😦

  11. I adore you!! I was the same… I was always a rebel (born 1970) and thought Suzi Quattro was cool on UK Top of the Pops but when Cyndi Lauper appeared, how I wanted to be her. I started dying from about 12 but my hair is naturally very dark and it’s a long process with having to bleach first. I’ve had many bright Mohicans although not really tall ones but Ultraviolet was my fave. I tended to use Directions colours which come in a pot and I use a household paintbrush to apply. My sons aged 3&6 had red Mohicans too. I’ve had a lime green, a salmon pink, the one meant to be pink like yours didn’t turn out right. It’s quite sad that for the last 5 years I’ve been disabled and cannot do it as lifting my arms up is impossible. Love to see your hair. I was actually looking up cyndi lauper styles as my 13yo daughter wants the side of her hair shaving. Glad I found you as put a huge smile on my face.
    Genie x

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