Vapour Organic Beauty Blush samples review and swatches

Whew, it’s been a rough week or so.  I’ve been down with a cold (which seems like it’s coming back, arrghhh) and I’ve also been swept away in the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend. (I cannot wait for this game to come out, omg.)

But, onwards and upwards!

A little while back I placed an order with Vapour Organic Beauty and decided to throw in some samples of blushes while I was at it.  I’d only used one of their blushes before, the Multi-Use Blush Stain in Impulse (pop over and read the review!) and I liked it a lot but I’ve been wanting to branch out into other colors.

Here’s what I got:

L to R: Aura Multi-Use Blush in SPARK, Aura Multi-use Radiant in INTRIGUE, Aura Multi-use Radiant in WHISPER, Aura Multi-use Blush in TENDER.

All of these blushes come in a cream stick form and can be used anywhere on the face — lips, eyes, what have you.  The difference between the regular and “Radiant” blushes seems to be that the Radiant blushes have shimmer/glitter while the regular ones do not.  All of these blushes have the typical faint citrus scent that VOB uses a lot — I find it pleasant and soft and it fades quickly and doesn’t irritate me at all.


Intrigue is a very pretty peachy color with a hint of copper; definitely a warm shade.  It’s also CHOCK FULL O GLITTER.  Like, whoa. Glitter. You can use this blush and get yourself all glittered up for Easter. It’s a gorgeous color but too glittery for me. I actually tried patting this on as a sheer wash of eyelid color and much preferred it this way!  It will crease though so be warned!  On darker skins the sheerness will be an issue but will add some glittery warmth.

Spark is the perfect warm peach shade for me.  It’s like the peach blush I’ve been searching for everywhere.  It has a HINT of pink but is definitely peach. (Why are so many peach blushes actually just PINK? Peaches are not pink, people.  They’re peach. It’s kind of a thing!) It’s warm without being too brown or yellow and is a lovely clear bright peach.  It’s dewy but there’s zero glitter and only the barest hint of shimmer (because of the dewiness). On the lips it’s almost too pale for me but gives a nice peachy glow.

Whisper is like Spark’s little sister.  It’s a similar shade but much lighter and with a lot more pink.  There’s some shimmer but no glitter.  It’s a beautiful, universally flattering shade of warm pink with some pleasant dewiness.  I really think this color would look faboo on just about anyone except very dark skins where the sheerness of the shade might be an issue and not show up.

Tender is a pale dolly pink with the barest hint of lavender.  I honestly could not get this to show up on my cheeks no matter how much I applied.  I mean, let’s face it folks, I am pale as all get out and that this didn’t show on me tells you how pale it is. Really disappointing as I was hoping this would be a great soft go-to pink shade for me. *sadface*

All of these shades have a decent wear time if you use them on prepped skin — I get around 7-9 hours of wear depending on the weather (how much I’m sweating or not sweating, in other words).  They’ll last longer if you powder them as well — since all of them have a dewy quality this may be something you want to do anyway.

On the lips these multi-use blushes are a bit dry but not drying.  I found they lasted a few hours on my lips and faded evenly, without leaving a creepy lip-ring.

The real star for me was Spark.  It’s a gorgeous shade and I know that when I use up my sample I’ll want to buy the full size, it’s that good!

All of these shades were lovely and creamy and pigmented (except for Tender).  They feel luxurious on the skin. While expensive at $28, the full size is 0.35grams and is a LOT of product.  Considering how pigmented the shades are *cough*exceptTender*cough* I think it’s good value for the money.  I also like that they’re useable anywhere on the face.

A quick word about these samples — they’re really the perfect size to take when you travel or pop into your purse’s makeup bag!

Vapour Organic Beauty is:

70% Certified Organic Ingredients and 30% Minerals & Vitamins
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
Chemical Free
Cruelty Free
No Nano Particles
No Irradiation
Chemical Free
Made with Wind Power
Biodegradable Ingredients
Inner&  Outer Packaging Recyclable


3 responses to “Vapour Organic Beauty Blush samples review and swatches

  1. Spark looks gorgeous!!! I’m putting this on my list to get!

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  3. Great review because of the detailed description of each colour and the pictures. I’ve been wondering whether to choose Intrigue or Spark and decided upon Spark.

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