Re-dedication to being CF

Ricky Gervais, being awesome

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind in the beauty community, as so many once-trusted cruelty-free brand have decided to sell out their morals for a quick buck and go quietly (or loudly) off the cruelty-free lists by deciding to expand into China.

Well, good luck with that, I guess.  But it has made me even more dedicated to buying only CF beauty items and only featuring CF on this blog.  (Which means my recent Revlon purchases won’t be reviewed here, even though I bought them before the news about Revlon selling in China came out. Bugger.)

Please rest assured that any items I review here will be CF to the very best of my knowledge.  As I branch out into sampling brands from around the world, the waters get muddied a bit, but I will also do my best to find out about a companies animal testing practices before I feature them here.

I won’t be tossing out my makeup from newly-nonCF brands because for me, that would be terribly wasteful.  The money is spent already, you know?  But the least I can do is just use them up quietly and replace them with a CF product later.

If you’re as passionate as I am about this issue but don’t know where to start, I heartily recommend Leaping Bunny.



2 responses to “Re-dedication to being CF

  1. I’m not chucking my Avon makeup for the same reason – cost. My SiL is a vegetarian and very CF aware, so I texted her to let her know to stop using Avon products.

    In this day and age, when we already know that these products are safe, I don’t see the need to be starting the torture all over again! Animals should be completely left out of the loop when it comes to creating a great big fat cash cow.

    • I agree, totally! There are other methods that can be used to test the safety of new products used in cosmetics, without resorting to torturing animals.

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