Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo + Atomic Turquoise

Friends, let’s face it: my hair was way too long.  Now you may be thinking, “Umwhat? Your hair was pretty flippin’ short!” — but no, for me it was way too long.  Since I like to bleach the everlivingcrap out of my hair, having longer hair (even a short bob) is pretty much out of the question.  Thankfully I found someone locally who could give me a great haircut!

Let’s look at the photographic evidence.  I just realized most of these were taken in my car. What can I say, the lighting is great in there, ok?


Here is my hair on a better, previous day.


As you can see, my hair was getting pretty damaged!  I’d just washed and blow-dried it here, making zero effort into styling it because that’s how I roll.


Improvement, no?  All the damage was cut off and I got my trusty, fun, easy as all get out pixie cut! Huzzah!

So of course it was time to immediately bleach the everlivingcrap out of my hair again.  sadly, the very faded blue-green didn’t want to budge, so I was limited in what I could do.  I decided to do Atomic Turquoise on the fringe and Pretty Flamingo.  Atomic Turquoise is a new favorite of mine but I had never tried Pretty Flamingo before.  Exciting!


The Pretty Flamingo is a warm, soft pink.  Almost a coral. Actually, it’s the exact color of a flamingo.  I like it but I admit it’s pretty unusual for me as I typically go for more vivid colors!  While I do like it a lot, when it fades, I will likely go back to my beloved Hot Hot Pink.  Or, if I can get the Atomic Turquoise to budge, might try something different altogether.  I typically do bright colors in the spring and summer and then darker ones in the winter.  I think we’ve got a few more months of summer, unfortunately.

Even still, once again Manic Panic did not disappoint!  And did you know they have 2 new colors out?  Rockabilly Blue and Voodoo Blue!  Voodoo Blue looks like a deeper shade of Atomic Turquoise to me and I can’t wait to try it!

Manic Panic can be purchased at, Sally Beauty and and are cruelty-free!


8 responses to “Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo + Atomic Turquoise

  1. I can certainly see what you mean about the damage prior to that fabulous haircut – I don’t colour my hair any more, but it still goes all fuzzy and fluffy like that from split ends!

    Absolutely loving the new colours; my husband used to bleach his hair and put a stripe of Manic Panic’s Deep Purple on the back.

    • I added another picture of my “before” hair that shows how it looked when I bothered to style it — not *quite* as fuzzy! But yeah, still pretty damaged!

      Thanks! I really enjoy pink/blue as a color combo, it’s bright and fun! I love that your husband used to put some purple in his hair!!

  2. Love the choppy fringe! The flamingo pink looks great with the fresh turquoise. I am loving the Rockabilly Blue! Oh, to dream of doing colors like this in my hair…

    • Thanks! Those new MP blues look so good — I love doing blue in the winter so I will have to try them out! I’m hoping I can do orange/pink next time, IF I can get the turquoise to fade! 😀

  3. I am dying to try out Atomic Turquoise and Rockabilly Blue! I currently have Voodoo Blue and it’s awesome. I am always a fan of turquoise with pink!

  4. Gahh love the colorssss!! ^_^

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