Another day, another hair dye

So lately my hair has been bordering on pastel and while that was fine and all… I was longing for some COLOR.  I was really inspired by Phyrra’s Flameshock eyeshadow look so I thought combining pinks and oranges might work.

Unfortunately the turquoise in my fringe and sides wouldn’t budge so I had to do some improvising.  I did the fringe, sides and roots with Hot Hot Pink, which turned the turquoise a lovely red-purple.  Then I used Electric Lava (a bright orange) on the ends of my hair.  The orange and pink blended together in an unexpected way giving me a bright orange-red.  I love it!

What do you think?

Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Electric Lava

Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Electric Lava

I have to say getting a good picture of these colors was HARD.  I’ve been waiting for a nice sunny day for over a week — but alas and alack, it has been raining every day.  I took these inside with a daylight bulb and flash.  I didn’t alter the colors at all on the computer — they really are this freakin’ vibrant!

Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic is cruelty-free!


4 responses to “Another day, another hair dye

  1. That… is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could get away with bright colours like that!

  2. I love your color. You look so adorable. Phyrra just posted about her latest do. I always think of you when I read her fun blog.

  3. Veronica Rodriguez

    Love the fun colors! Do you really do all that yourself? I can’t even curl my hair on my own sometimes! I hope you’re still doing your own fabulous coloring.

    If you, or anyone need awesome beauty supplies you should check out

    They have great products!

  4. Hi, I keep on thinking about what color I should choose to dye my hair, so I checked around and I found your page. I love how the colors became of your hair. I myself have thought about color with hot hot pink and electric lava, but I just do not know how I should dye it. On you, it looks good right also because you have such short hair in the picture. But I have pretty long hair so I do not know how I could dye it. I wonder do you think if you mixed the two colors do you think you could almost get it to a similar coral color?

    have a great day!

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