Where the hell have I been? Well, let me tell you!

Well, well, well…. long time, no see, am I right?  Yeah, I know.  Let’s just say the past year and a half have been… ah, rough.  I’ll fill you in but forgive me if I must be sketchy on the details.

So I started cosmetology school!  Cool, right?  Well, it kicked my ass.  Hard.  Way harder than I was anticipating, lemme tell ya.  I expected it to be physically demanding and a real learning experience and it was — but not in the way I could have anticipated.  Physically, it was rough on me and I developed pretty severe tendinitis in both of my feet, causing me the worst pain I have ever experienced. Constant pain that never stopped totally — for months.  I’m still trying to recover from it and am still in a lot of pain.

Here are the foot gauntlets I have to wear every day:

But the thing I was not expecting was the emotional toil it took on me… and that has a lot to do with the school I went to.  And sadly, here is where I have to skip over the details, though I hope that in time I will be able to spill all the beans. And oh, there are beans. LOADS of them.

In any case, I’m happy to say that I am pretty near to completing my education and have taken and passed my written exam and will hopefully be able to take my practical cosmetology exam within a few months.

Aside from school, the past year has been pretty damn rough.  In September of last year, we lost our 14 year old cat Grim.  He was old and had a host of health issues and his little body was just starting to give up.  He was a scamp and the most difficult cat ever but we loved him dearly.  Losing him was hard but he had a good, long life and it was his time.

Even though we had our cats Yoshi and Binky, the house felt emptier — we are just a 3-cat household, what can I say?  So in November, we adopted a kitty from a PetsMart location.  Her given name was Alexis but we re-named her Kayfax, after a video game character in the game Rift.  She is a true beauty and a very silly cat and has brought us a lot of joy.

The beauty of Kayfax. #catsofinstagram #cat #tabbycat #tabbies #kayfax

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And everything went ok for a few months.  Until 2014 came around and Binky got sick.  We weren’t sure what was wrong but it turned out that he ate a massive 6-inch long peacock feather from a toy, which just sat in his belly, irritating his stomach and causing him to refuse to eat.  Since Binky is a plus-sized kitty, not eating caused him to have liver problems.  We ended up having to bring him to the LSU Teaching Hospital which is 2 hours away.  After days of force-feeding and days of I.V. anti-nausea meds, he started to get better.  But it was a process that took months and was as tiring for me as it was for him.

Literally the same week of Binky’s last follow-up appointment at LSU, Yoshi got sick with what started out as an upper respiratory infection.  Within a week, he was worse and running a high fever and no one was sure what was wrong… so back to LSU we went, where we found out Yoshi was dying of cardiomyopathy — heart failure.  In cats, it’s very often asymptomatic, meaning by the time a kitty starts to show the signs, it’s too late.  We had to give him peace that very day.  To say we all took his sudden decline and unexpected death hard is like the understatement of the century.  That was in April and we still have not recovered from it.  We miss his sweet face and gentle ways every day.

Binky and Faxy were a great comfort to me at this time — and a great comfort to each other.

I thought it would be a long, long time before we felt able to adopt another kitty, but I was wrong.  When friends told me about a litter of outside kittens who needed a home, we decided to take one in.  We named him Obi and he is a delight.  It took Binky and Fax a while to accept him, but they’re all wonderful friends now.  And once again, we are a 3-cat household.

And I’ve written all of this and not a word about makeup!  I’m still trying new things and still dedicated to buying only cruelty-free items.  My hair has been every color in the rainbow in the past year (I may do a post about that!), though currently, I am trying to grow it out and it is a natural color.

My hair may be a normal color but inside, I am still a brightly colored person.

I hope, if you’ve read all of this, you don’t mind sticking with me a little bit longer as I have rededicated myself to blogging and plan to do at least one post per week.  New item reviews, old favorites that you may not have tried and a whole lot more.  Be sure to follow my Instagram, FaceBook and Pinterest pages for the very latest!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great to see you blogging again, Daena 🙂

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