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Petit Vour Subscription Box — February & March Reviews

Ever since subscription beauty boxes became popular, I’ve really wanted to try them.  The problem?  The biggest, most popular ones were not cruelty free.  Bummer.  So when I learned about Petit Vour (pronounced “petty vohr”)– which guarantees that all the products in their boxes are cruelty free, I was very interested!

There are several different subscription options — monthly for $15 a month, the 3-month which is one payment of $45 and a 6 month which is one payment of $90.  They also ship to Canada and the price for that is $23/month.  I went with the 3-month subscription. Since I ordered at the last week in January, I got my January and February boxes within 2 weeks of each other. As with most beauty boxes, you can purchase all the full sized items you receive from their website — doing so earns you points which can be used to give yourself a discount.

Here’s the January box:

Petit Vour -- January 2015 Box

Petit Vour — January 2015 Box

subbox_petitvour_jan2015_2 subbox_petitvour_jan2015_3


EvolvH Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo

While the card said I would receive the EvolvH Ultrashine Conditioner, I got the shampoo.  This shampoo is ok.  It smells very nice — fresh and green,  but I didn’t find it moisturizing or that is made my hair shiny.  My husband has appropriated this to use on his beard.


100% PURE HAND BUTTERCREAM French Lavender

Initially I was super excited about this hand cream as I love real, French Lavender scents — it’s one of the few floral scents I like, in fact.  Immediately after applying, it does smell lovely but after a few minutes, it smells like baby powder. Not good. It’s minimally moisturizing.  Disappointing. Sadface. A lot of scents turn to baby powder on me so I guess it’s not surprising!


Modern Minerals Eye Shadow En Pointe — a Petit Vour exclusive

Now here is where I got excited.  I love loose eyeshadows and pigments so I was pretty pleased to see a full sized eyeshadow by Modern Minerals in my box!  And this one is gorgeous!  Depending on the light it goes from rose gold to a golden lilac.  It’s sheer but very, very lovely.  This shade, “En Point” is exclusive to Petit Vour but the quality is so nice that I would definitely consider buying more from this brand.


Rawskinceuticals Cheek Creme Pink Rose

This cream blush really intrigued me, as did the brand which focuses on raw and natural ingredients.  But sadly, this was another miss for me.  The color was ok — I worried it would be a little too cool and lilac-toned for me but it worked.  The texture was just really, really hard to work with.  It was the consistency of store-bought frosting.  I found it hard to apply and blend in and it ended up looking thick and chalky.  I tried using my fingers as well as a brush and it was just impossible. Add to that, the fact that after it sat on my skin for about 10 minutes, the color seemed to disappear.  Hard pass on this.

So I guess you could say this box was hit or miss for me.  But the gorgeous Modern Minerals eyeshadow made the box almost worth the price in terms of what I’ll actually use, as it retails for $12.50.  The shampoo sample will also get used and I will likely use the hand lotion, but on my feet.

On to February!


Petit Vour February 2015 Box List


Petit Vour February 2015 Box


Harvey Prince fragrance samples — Imperial Gardenia & Damask Rose

First item up are fragrance samples by Harvey Prince — Imperial Gardenia and Damask Rose.  I sniffed these on a card and they both smelled very authentic — like honest-to-gawd flowers.  But I dare not put this on my skin b/c they’d instantly smell like gasoline and my allergies would go insane. But, if you’re into single-note florals, these seem of great quality.


Ellovi Butter — Mint Chocolate

Guys… you guys… this smells EXACTLY like a Junior Mint candy.  In other words, it smells amazing.  This stuff is supposed to be good for face and body — really an all-purpose sort of butter made with products so simple and pure you can literally eat it.  They also say you can use it to remove makeup.  I’ve used this mostly as a hand cream and cuticle cream and it’s lovely.  The texture is like a softer coconut oil (and indeed it has coconut oil in it).  The only negative is that the scent doesn’t linger more than about 20 minutes. If it did, I’d buy a full size of this in a heartbeat!!  As it is, I keep this small sample jar next to my computer to take a whiff every now and then and use on my cuticles.  Seriously, it smells amazing.


Balanced Guru SCRUB ME Face and Body Scrub

I have a love/hate relationship with body scrubs.  I like the idea of them but the execution often seems lacking.  Also, since I use a bathtub rather than a shower, scrubs that don’t dissolve tend to be messy and I have to scrub my tub out after every use.  This scrub is  enriched with “Raw Sugar, Organic Coffee, Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil and Cocoa Butter plus a little of Spearmint and Ginger” and they mention it’s safe for experiment and nursing mothers and children.  Good to know! (That came out snarky but I mean it — it’s good to have it right there on the label is that is a concern for you.)  The scent on this is… very heavy on the spearmint and coffee.  I love spearmint and I love coffee!  But together… they just smell unappealing to me.  I keep sniffing this in the hope that I will suddenly want to use it. I haven’t worked up the nerve to, yet.


Lily Lolo Mascara in Black

The full-size item for this month’s box is this mascara by Lily Lolo.  I don’t have much luck with natural mascaras — especially if they aren’t waterproof.  So I didn’t have much hope for it.  But to my great surprise, I really like it!  The formula is very dark and not too wet and actually hold a curl in my lashes a little bit! (Most non-waterproof mascaras cause my straight lashes to uncurl instantly.) The brush is very nice and gave me separation, some length and volume. My lashes also felt really soft even after 2 coats.  I also like the simple but pretty packaging.


Lily Lolo Mascara and my poor inflamed eyeball


Excuse my red eye — allergies are hell, y’all.  As you can see, while the curl was taken out at the outer corner of my eye, the lashes at the center stayed upright and curled.  Normally, without curling my lashes point slightly down.  This mascara did not flake, smudge or smear and I tested it up to 10 hours.  At the end of the day it did fade a little but didn’t flake.  It was a breeze to remove. Of course it is not waterproof so I’d have to be careful about wearing this if my allergies were in full flare up.  But overall, I really like it and I think it’s one of those mascaras that gets a little better after it’s been open a week or two.  This mascara is worth $20 and so this alone makes the price of the box worth it!

So, that’s it.  Two boxes worth of stuff.  Each month had one full sized item and a selection of samples.  Even though there were some misses for me, I enjoyed both boxes and each had items I will use, as well as items I can pass along.

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free beauty box, I think Petit Vour is worth your time and money. I can’t wait to see what I’ll get for March and I know when my subscription runs out, I’ll be subbing again.  It’s a nice, inexpensive treat.

These items were all purchased by me and my opinions are mine alone.