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Petit Vour Subscription Box — February & March Reviews

Ever since subscription beauty boxes became popular, I’ve really wanted to try them.  The problem?  The biggest, most popular ones were not cruelty free.  Bummer.  So when I learned about Petit Vour (pronounced “petty vohr”)– which guarantees that all the products in their boxes are cruelty free, I was very interested!

There are several different subscription options — monthly for $15 a month, the 3-month which is one payment of $45 and a 6 month which is one payment of $90.  They also ship to Canada and the price for that is $23/month.  I went with the 3-month subscription. Since I ordered at the last week in January, I got my January and February boxes within 2 weeks of each other. As with most beauty boxes, you can purchase all the full sized items you receive from their website — doing so earns you points which can be used to give yourself a discount.

Here’s the January box:

Petit Vour -- January 2015 Box

Petit Vour — January 2015 Box

subbox_petitvour_jan2015_2 subbox_petitvour_jan2015_3


EvolvH Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo

While the card said I would receive the EvolvH Ultrashine Conditioner, I got the shampoo.  This shampoo is ok.  It smells very nice — fresh and green,  but I didn’t find it moisturizing or that is made my hair shiny.  My husband has appropriated this to use on his beard.


100% PURE HAND BUTTERCREAM French Lavender

Initially I was super excited about this hand cream as I love real, French Lavender scents — it’s one of the few floral scents I like, in fact.  Immediately after applying, it does smell lovely but after a few minutes, it smells like baby powder. Not good. It’s minimally moisturizing.  Disappointing. Sadface. A lot of scents turn to baby powder on me so I guess it’s not surprising!


Modern Minerals Eye Shadow En Pointe — a Petit Vour exclusive

Now here is where I got excited.  I love loose eyeshadows and pigments so I was pretty pleased to see a full sized eyeshadow by Modern Minerals in my box!  And this one is gorgeous!  Depending on the light it goes from rose gold to a golden lilac.  It’s sheer but very, very lovely.  This shade, “En Point” is exclusive to Petit Vour but the quality is so nice that I would definitely consider buying more from this brand.


Rawskinceuticals Cheek Creme Pink Rose

This cream blush really intrigued me, as did the brand which focuses on raw and natural ingredients.  But sadly, this was another miss for me.  The color was ok — I worried it would be a little too cool and lilac-toned for me but it worked.  The texture was just really, really hard to work with.  It was the consistency of store-bought frosting.  I found it hard to apply and blend in and it ended up looking thick and chalky.  I tried using my fingers as well as a brush and it was just impossible. Add to that, the fact that after it sat on my skin for about 10 minutes, the color seemed to disappear.  Hard pass on this.

So I guess you could say this box was hit or miss for me.  But the gorgeous Modern Minerals eyeshadow made the box almost worth the price in terms of what I’ll actually use, as it retails for $12.50.  The shampoo sample will also get used and I will likely use the hand lotion, but on my feet.

On to February!


Petit Vour February 2015 Box List


Petit Vour February 2015 Box


Harvey Prince fragrance samples — Imperial Gardenia & Damask Rose

First item up are fragrance samples by Harvey Prince — Imperial Gardenia and Damask Rose.  I sniffed these on a card and they both smelled very authentic — like honest-to-gawd flowers.  But I dare not put this on my skin b/c they’d instantly smell like gasoline and my allergies would go insane. But, if you’re into single-note florals, these seem of great quality.


Ellovi Butter — Mint Chocolate

Guys… you guys… this smells EXACTLY like a Junior Mint candy.  In other words, it smells amazing.  This stuff is supposed to be good for face and body — really an all-purpose sort of butter made with products so simple and pure you can literally eat it.  They also say you can use it to remove makeup.  I’ve used this mostly as a hand cream and cuticle cream and it’s lovely.  The texture is like a softer coconut oil (and indeed it has coconut oil in it).  The only negative is that the scent doesn’t linger more than about 20 minutes. If it did, I’d buy a full size of this in a heartbeat!!  As it is, I keep this small sample jar next to my computer to take a whiff every now and then and use on my cuticles.  Seriously, it smells amazing.


Balanced Guru SCRUB ME Face and Body Scrub

I have a love/hate relationship with body scrubs.  I like the idea of them but the execution often seems lacking.  Also, since I use a bathtub rather than a shower, scrubs that don’t dissolve tend to be messy and I have to scrub my tub out after every use.  This scrub is  enriched with “Raw Sugar, Organic Coffee, Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil and Cocoa Butter plus a little of Spearmint and Ginger” and they mention it’s safe for experiment and nursing mothers and children.  Good to know! (That came out snarky but I mean it — it’s good to have it right there on the label is that is a concern for you.)  The scent on this is… very heavy on the spearmint and coffee.  I love spearmint and I love coffee!  But together… they just smell unappealing to me.  I keep sniffing this in the hope that I will suddenly want to use it. I haven’t worked up the nerve to, yet.


Lily Lolo Mascara in Black

The full-size item for this month’s box is this mascara by Lily Lolo.  I don’t have much luck with natural mascaras — especially if they aren’t waterproof.  So I didn’t have much hope for it.  But to my great surprise, I really like it!  The formula is very dark and not too wet and actually hold a curl in my lashes a little bit! (Most non-waterproof mascaras cause my straight lashes to uncurl instantly.) The brush is very nice and gave me separation, some length and volume. My lashes also felt really soft even after 2 coats.  I also like the simple but pretty packaging.


Lily Lolo Mascara and my poor inflamed eyeball


Excuse my red eye — allergies are hell, y’all.  As you can see, while the curl was taken out at the outer corner of my eye, the lashes at the center stayed upright and curled.  Normally, without curling my lashes point slightly down.  This mascara did not flake, smudge or smear and I tested it up to 10 hours.  At the end of the day it did fade a little but didn’t flake.  It was a breeze to remove. Of course it is not waterproof so I’d have to be careful about wearing this if my allergies were in full flare up.  But overall, I really like it and I think it’s one of those mascaras that gets a little better after it’s been open a week or two.  This mascara is worth $20 and so this alone makes the price of the box worth it!

So, that’s it.  Two boxes worth of stuff.  Each month had one full sized item and a selection of samples.  Even though there were some misses for me, I enjoyed both boxes and each had items I will use, as well as items I can pass along.

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free beauty box, I think Petit Vour is worth your time and money. I can’t wait to see what I’ll get for March and I know when my subscription runs out, I’ll be subbing again.  It’s a nice, inexpensive treat.

These items were all purchased by me and my opinions are mine alone.




Aromaleigh Cosmetics Eyeshadows — Swatch fest!

Today I have some swatches for you and a quick review.  I love loose eyeshadows and these were my first from Aromaleigh Cosmetics.  I purchased a few full sized eyeshadows sight unseen because I was taken in by the photos on the website and… admittedly, I am a sucker for the names of some of them!  All of these were swatched dry, on bare skin — no primer used here.

Aromaleigh Cosmetics  Abbatoir, Boudicca Gotcha, Lagertha

Aromaleigh Cosmetics
Abbatoir, Boudicca
Gotcha, Lagertha

Aromaleigh Cosmetics  Abbatoir, Boudicca Gotcha, Lagertha

Aromaleigh Cosmetics
Abbatoir, Boudicca
Gotcha, Lagertha

Aromaleigh Cosmetics  Abbatoir, Boudicca Gotcha, Lagertha

Aromaleigh Cosmetics
Abbatoir, Boudicca
Gotcha, Lagertha

Abbatoir is from the This Is My Design Collection, inspired by the TV show Hannibal — which is one of my all-time favorite shows.  So I couldn’t pass it up! Aromaleigh describes is as “This shade is a muted copper frost with a strong blue duochrome shift.”  I’d say it’s a coppery mauve with hints of rose gold.

Boudicca is from the permanent Ignis Antiquita Collection which is inspired by BADASS ladies from history.  Badass ladies from history are my favorite! Aromaleigh describes Boudicca as “strong plummy/russet brown, with vivid multichrome effects of green/gold and blue/teal.” I’d say that is entirely accurate.  It’s definitely a cooler-toned brown rather than a warm one.

Gotcha is also from the This Is My Design Collection. It’s described as ” A satiny muted oxblood with a metallic copper highlight lurking in the background… “GOTCHA” also has a teal duochrome effect and bright teal shimmer.” I’d say it’s more russet than true oxblood but it is gorgeous and rich.

Lagertha is another from the permanent Ignis Antiquita collection.  Lagertha is also a BADASS LADY on The History Channel’s amazing show Vikings.  She is my favorite character and one of my favorite TV characters ever.  No way I could pass it up.  #TeamLagertha! #Shieldmaiden4Life! Aromaleigh describes this shade as “a deep, smooth copper with a very intense chrome effect of chartreuse, green and gold” — entirely accurate.  This is a burnished copper, like a well-worn penny, rather than a shiny new penny shade of copper.

Aromaleigh Cosmetics  Abbatoir, Boudicca Gotcha, Lagertha

Aromaleigh Cosmetics
Abbatoir, Boudicca
Gotcha, Lagertha

Overall, these eyeshadows are gorgeous.  I found the descriptions on the website pretty accurate for the most part.  My only “disappointment” was that I found Abbatoir and Boudicca very similar, though since Abbatoir is Limited Edition, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.  You can use these shadows without a primer to get a sheer wash of color and sparkle, or over a regular primer to get deeper, full coverage.  A sticky primer is not necessary.  You can also use these wet as a liner.  They blend very nicely and on me, with a primer they last 12+ hours.  I didn’t find any of these shades had any fall-out with the sparkles — but none of these are glitter-heavy.  I’m definitely impressed!  My order came to me quickly and included samples.  I’ve already placed another order from them, for foundation and um, more eyeshadows (I’m an eyeshadow junkie, what can I say?).  I like how the collections and colors are inspired by history and geeky stuff that I love.  It definitely grabs my attention and makes me more interested to buy.

I think if you’re looking for loose eyeshadow, it’s likely that Aromaleigh Cosmetics has what you’re looking for.

These items were all purchased by me and my opinions are mine alone.

Review: Wayne Goss THE COLLECTION makeup brush set

This is going to be a long one and full of a billion pictures!  Grab some tea and have a seat!

Confession time, first — these are my first high quality, luxury brushes.  Before I purchased them, my priciest brushes were from Real Techniques — so I can’t really compare them to any other luxury brands.  But I can compare them to bsimilar brushes that are less expensive and of course, judge them on how well they work.

Wayne Goss -- The Collection

Wayne Goss — The Collection

brush_waynegoss_collection_4 brush_waynegoss_collection_set

I ordered the set from Beautylish and since this was my first order there, I got $10 off.  With a set this expensive, any bit counts, right?  They arrived in record time (literally less than 30 hours after I ordered) and were beautifully packaged.  The brushes come in a cardboard tube that one could easily use to store them.  And they also came with a card that had care instructions on it, which was much appreciated.

Overall, the brushes feel luxurious.  They’re all beautifully soft — like rubbing a kitten on your face.  The brushes are well weighted and balanced and feel substantial in the hand but are not heavy or awkward to use.  The handles are long enough for comfort but not so long that I bump them in the mirror when I apply my makeup.  The bristles are made of humanely obtained, cruelty free natural hair.  The brushes are hand made in Japan and the fine workmanship is clearly evident — the bristles are evenly cut and shaped with no loose or untidy bristles.

Wayne Goss - The Collection Brush 01

Wayne Goss – The Collection Brush 01

The 01 Brush is an angled stippling brush.  The bristles are soft but firm — not at all scratchy.  This brush would be grand for liquid and cream foundation but I found it doesn’t work as well for powdered or mineral foundations.  I like to use it for cream blush and under-eye concealer more than for foundation.  Since it’s on the smaller side, it’s very versatile.

Wayne Goss -- The Collection Brush 02

Wayne Goss — The Collection Brush 02

Brush 02 is made for any powder product — blush, setting powder, bronzer, conturing etc.  You name it, this brush can do it.  It is incredibly, insanely soft.  Like putting on your makeup with a kitten.  While I find it a little too tapered to use for blush, it is the perfect thing for applying powder highlighter/luminizer.  I also love to use it for setting or finishing powder — it’s so soft it will just not disturb your foundation.  Light as a feather and luxurious to use.  If you buy this brush you may not be able to stop rubbing it on your face.  You may start rubbing it on other people’s faces — and they won’t tell you to stop. It could get awkward. Fair warning!

Wayne Goss - The Collection Brush 03

Wayne Goss – The Collection Brush 03

The 03 Brush is the largest eye brush in the collection and my 2nd favorite in the entire set.  Again, it’s extremely soft and absolutely perfect for blending eyeshadow, putting in a large swathe of crease color or adding a soft highlight under the browbone.  If you have smaller eyes or a smaller lid area, this might be a little large for you — but never fear because you can also use it for precise conturing on the face, as well as to set your under-eye area.


Wayne Goss - The Collection Brush 04

Wayne Goss – The Collection Brush 04

The 04 brush is another tapered eyeshadow brush, though a bit smaller than the 03.  I love using this brush to add in a darker crease shade (then using the 03 to blend it).  Perfect for detail work, if you have smaller eyes, hooded or smaller lids, this one might be your best friend for your eyeshadow work.

Wayne Goss - The Collection Brush 05

Wayne Goss – The Collection Brush 05

Brush 05 is the smallest of the tapered crease brushes.  For very detailed crease work, this one is a wonder.  It’s also small enough and soft enough to use to smudge eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, add that bit of highlight to the inner eye corner or under the browbone.  I also like to use it to apply a wash of color on the lower eyelid.  It’s small enough to do so but soft enough to blend it out.

Wayne Goss -- The Collection Brush 06

Wayne Goss — The Collection Brush 06

Brush 06 — ok, here it is. My favorite brush in the entire collection.  This gorgeously tapered filbert brush is so damned versatile.  Use the flat side to apply eyeshadow the turn that sucker on it’s edge and blend it into the crease.  This brush is like the one-stop-shopping of eyeshadow brushes.  It can do anything and everything.  Large enough to lay down a wash of lid color but small enough to do some damned fine crease work and use under the eye. It’s a workhorse of a brush and if you only have the money to spend on ONE brush from this collection, this would be my pick.  I’ve reached for it every single time I’ve done my makeup since getting it.

Wayne Goss - The Collection Brush 07

Wayne Goss – The Collection Brush 07

The 07 brush is designed for lipstick but I am a lazy bastard who never uses a brush for lipstick so I’m happy to say it is perfect for apply eyeliner, smudging eyeliner, or a more precise application of eyeshadow under the eye.  It’s also good for spot application of concealer to very small areas, such as to conceal a pimple etc.

Wayne Goss - The Collection Brush 08

Wayne Goss – The Collection Brush 08

The 08 brush is the tiniest eyeliner brush I have ever seen.  Made specifically for tightlining (getting liner into the roots of the eyelashes), it works very well for that.  Even I can finally tightline now, which I’ve always struggled with!  It’s also amazing for extremely precise eyebrow powders/gels, though I use it mostly for tightlining.

Overall, these brushes are a huge investment.  Are they worth it?  For me, yes.  The only brush I don’t regularly use is the 01, because I’m stuck using mineral foundation (thanks, Rosacea!).  If I used liquid or cream foundation, I’d use the 01 to apply it.  The brush set costs $210 which is a lot of money to plunk down on brushes but if you can afford it and feel like you’d use them, I think it’s worth the investment.  Buying them all individually would cost $224, so buying the set saves you a few dollars.  But they are definitely a luxury — and they feel like it.  But I also believe they will last quite a long time.  I’ve washed them several times and have had no problems with bristles falling out or the brushes losing their shape.  With care, I expect them to last me many years.

The Wayne Goss Collection can be purchased by Beautylish — check out his page there, where they have videos of Wayne talking about and demonstrating each brush!  You can also find Wayne at his youtube channel for lovely and helpful makeup tips, reviews and tutorials!  I’ve been a fan of his for ages and I felt sure he would not put his name on an inferior product — I was right!

These brushes were purchased by me and my opinions are mine alone.

Where the hell have I been? Well, let me tell you!

Well, well, well…. long time, no see, am I right?  Yeah, I know.  Let’s just say the past year and a half have been… ah, rough.  I’ll fill you in but forgive me if I must be sketchy on the details.

So I started cosmetology school!  Cool, right?  Well, it kicked my ass.  Hard.  Way harder than I was anticipating, lemme tell ya.  I expected it to be physically demanding and a real learning experience and it was — but not in the way I could have anticipated.  Physically, it was rough on me and I developed pretty severe tendinitis in both of my feet, causing me the worst pain I have ever experienced. Constant pain that never stopped totally — for months.  I’m still trying to recover from it and am still in a lot of pain.

Here are the foot gauntlets I have to wear every day:

But the thing I was not expecting was the emotional toil it took on me… and that has a lot to do with the school I went to.  And sadly, here is where I have to skip over the details, though I hope that in time I will be able to spill all the beans. And oh, there are beans. LOADS of them.

In any case, I’m happy to say that I am pretty near to completing my education and have taken and passed my written exam and will hopefully be able to take my practical cosmetology exam within a few months.

Aside from school, the past year has been pretty damn rough.  In September of last year, we lost our 14 year old cat Grim.  He was old and had a host of health issues and his little body was just starting to give up.  He was a scamp and the most difficult cat ever but we loved him dearly.  Losing him was hard but he had a good, long life and it was his time.

Even though we had our cats Yoshi and Binky, the house felt emptier — we are just a 3-cat household, what can I say?  So in November, we adopted a kitty from a PetsMart location.  Her given name was Alexis but we re-named her Kayfax, after a video game character in the game Rift.  She is a true beauty and a very silly cat and has brought us a lot of joy.

The beauty of Kayfax. #catsofinstagram #cat #tabbycat #tabbies #kayfax

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And everything went ok for a few months.  Until 2014 came around and Binky got sick.  We weren’t sure what was wrong but it turned out that he ate a massive 6-inch long peacock feather from a toy, which just sat in his belly, irritating his stomach and causing him to refuse to eat.  Since Binky is a plus-sized kitty, not eating caused him to have liver problems.  We ended up having to bring him to the LSU Teaching Hospital which is 2 hours away.  After days of force-feeding and days of I.V. anti-nausea meds, he started to get better.  But it was a process that took months and was as tiring for me as it was for him.

Literally the same week of Binky’s last follow-up appointment at LSU, Yoshi got sick with what started out as an upper respiratory infection.  Within a week, he was worse and running a high fever and no one was sure what was wrong… so back to LSU we went, where we found out Yoshi was dying of cardiomyopathy — heart failure.  In cats, it’s very often asymptomatic, meaning by the time a kitty starts to show the signs, it’s too late.  We had to give him peace that very day.  To say we all took his sudden decline and unexpected death hard is like the understatement of the century.  That was in April and we still have not recovered from it.  We miss his sweet face and gentle ways every day.

Binky and Faxy were a great comfort to me at this time — and a great comfort to each other.

I thought it would be a long, long time before we felt able to adopt another kitty, but I was wrong.  When friends told me about a litter of outside kittens who needed a home, we decided to take one in.  We named him Obi and he is a delight.  It took Binky and Fax a while to accept him, but they’re all wonderful friends now.  And once again, we are a 3-cat household.

And I’ve written all of this and not a word about makeup!  I’m still trying new things and still dedicated to buying only cruelty-free items.  My hair has been every color in the rainbow in the past year (I may do a post about that!), though currently, I am trying to grow it out and it is a natural color.

My hair may be a normal color but inside, I am still a brightly colored person.

I hope, if you’ve read all of this, you don’t mind sticking with me a little bit longer as I have rededicated myself to blogging and plan to do at least one post per week.  New item reviews, old favorites that you may not have tried and a whole lot more.  Be sure to follow my Instagram, FaceBook and Pinterest pages for the very latest!

Thanks for reading!

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette — review and swatches and OMG MARS CURIOSITY

I have been putting off writing this tonight because I’ve been obsessively watching NASA’s livestream of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s landing on Mars.  MARS, people. Frakking Mars!  It was hugely exciting and inspiring.

Science… It’s a beautiful thing.
Ok, ok, back on topic!  I recently picked up Urban Decay’s “Smoked” palette and let me tell you, it’s a winner.  I know their “Naked” palettes are hugely popular but I am just not really into earth tones.  But this? It’s… dare I say it….MARS TONES.  Ok, ok not really, I’m still just super excited. If it was based on Mars, it would be red, right?  But if I were to create a palette inspired by space, I think it would be pretty close to this one.

Pictures? I haz them:

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette.

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette.

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette.

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette.
top row: Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout
bottom row: Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette, daylight:
top row: Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout
bottom row: Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

Urban Decay “Smoked” palette, indoor with daylight bulb:
top row: Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout
bottom row: Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

The colors are gorgeous and richly pigmented. It’s also nice to see several matte shades included (Kinky, Freestyle, Backdoor and Blackout).  The real standouts for me are Mushroom (a taupe-tinged silver with slightly warm undertones) and Asphalt (a lush metallic pewter.)  The only shadow that didn’t wow me was Blackout, which was a little patchy.  Another nice thing is that the non-matte shades are more metallic/shimmery than glittery.

It’s a really well balanced palette that has both warm and cool tones, which I think makes it extremely versatile no matter what your skin tone or skin undertone.  These colors are fierce.  Not only that, but it comes with a full sized 24/7 Pencil in “Perversion” which is amazingly smooth and inky-black.  It’s like the Spinal Tap album of black eyeliners:

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Perversion

It also comes with a travel-size tube of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion which seems to be the gold standard of eyeshadow primers, though if I’m honest, it’s one that has never worked that great for me. (I prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance though even that one will not stop the creasing of my unusually oily eyelids.)

But wait, that’s not all!  It also comes with a little booklet!  The booklet is pretty nice as it not only includes a variety of 12 different smokey eye looks, but also has a glossary of terms and techniques and examples of brushes you can use to get the best smokey eye.

Urban Decay Smoked Lookbook

Urban Decay Smoked Lookbook

Pretty handy, right?  If you’re wanting to expand your Urban Decay eyeshadow collection, I don’t think you can go wrong here.  All the shadows are beautiful an great quality.  If you love a smokey eye, again, you can’t go far wrong here.  And if you love a smokey eye but have no idea how to do one, you might find this just the trick. (Pssstt… you can also buy the booklet separately!)

All in all, I’m going to give this 4.5/5 Kitty Skulls. (Um, my new rating system, ok?)  I took off one kitty eye because the Primer Potion is pretty meh for me.

The Smoked palette can be bought at Sephora, Urban Decay and wherever Urban Decay products are sold.

Bonus: Urban Decay is Cruelty Free!


PS: I keep changing my layout because I can’t settle on one!  I think this one will work for now though!  And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Manic Panic Pretty Flamingo + Atomic Turquoise

Friends, let’s face it: my hair was way too long.  Now you may be thinking, “Umwhat? Your hair was pretty flippin’ short!” — but no, for me it was way too long.  Since I like to bleach the everlivingcrap out of my hair, having longer hair (even a short bob) is pretty much out of the question.  Thankfully I found someone locally who could give me a great haircut!

Let’s look at the photographic evidence.  I just realized most of these were taken in my car. What can I say, the lighting is great in there, ok?


Here is my hair on a better, previous day.


As you can see, my hair was getting pretty damaged!  I’d just washed and blow-dried it here, making zero effort into styling it because that’s how I roll.


Improvement, no?  All the damage was cut off and I got my trusty, fun, easy as all get out pixie cut! Huzzah!

So of course it was time to immediately bleach the everlivingcrap out of my hair again.  sadly, the very faded blue-green didn’t want to budge, so I was limited in what I could do.  I decided to do Atomic Turquoise on the fringe and Pretty Flamingo.  Atomic Turquoise is a new favorite of mine but I had never tried Pretty Flamingo before.  Exciting!


The Pretty Flamingo is a warm, soft pink.  Almost a coral. Actually, it’s the exact color of a flamingo.  I like it but I admit it’s pretty unusual for me as I typically go for more vivid colors!  While I do like it a lot, when it fades, I will likely go back to my beloved Hot Hot Pink.  Or, if I can get the Atomic Turquoise to budge, might try something different altogether.  I typically do bright colors in the spring and summer and then darker ones in the winter.  I think we’ve got a few more months of summer, unfortunately.

Even still, once again Manic Panic did not disappoint!  And did you know they have 2 new colors out?  Rockabilly Blue and Voodoo Blue!  Voodoo Blue looks like a deeper shade of Atomic Turquoise to me and I can’t wait to try it!

Manic Panic can be purchased at, Sally Beauty and and are cruelty-free!

Re-dedication to being CF

Ricky Gervais, being awesome

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind in the beauty community, as so many once-trusted cruelty-free brand have decided to sell out their morals for a quick buck and go quietly (or loudly) off the cruelty-free lists by deciding to expand into China.

Well, good luck with that, I guess.  But it has made me even more dedicated to buying only CF beauty items and only featuring CF on this blog.  (Which means my recent Revlon purchases won’t be reviewed here, even though I bought them before the news about Revlon selling in China came out. Bugger.)

Please rest assured that any items I review here will be CF to the very best of my knowledge.  As I branch out into sampling brands from around the world, the waters get muddied a bit, but I will also do my best to find out about a companies animal testing practices before I feature them here.

I won’t be tossing out my makeup from newly-nonCF brands because for me, that would be terribly wasteful.  The money is spent already, you know?  But the least I can do is just use them up quietly and replace them with a CF product later.

If you’re as passionate as I am about this issue but don’t know where to start, I heartily recommend Leaping Bunny.